Welcome to the SRGC 75th Seed Exchange 2021-2022

We are very pleased that the seed exchange is operating in a near-normal way. This will be in real contrast to last year's, very limited, exchange, but of course it remains subject to Covid and legal restrictions which might apply over the seed exchange period.

Information about donations of seed is given in the July issue of Dryas each year, and on this welcome page during the period when the exchange is open for receipt of donations. Clean, fresh seed is very welcome!

Information for members resident in the EU
Parts of the seed distribution will be affected by the new EU Seed Regulations, which will require phytosanitary certification for seed entering the EU from the UK. We are exploring the implications of this with the UK and Scottish authorities,  However, we intend to offer seed to members in all EU countries, and including Northern Ireland. We are grateful to members in EU states who have volunteered to receive a bulk order of seed to despatch to other members. We have enough helpers for this year, but if you would like to help in future years, we would love to hear from you. (Email us at: ). Overseas members who do not live in the EU are unaffected by these changes. We will send seed in accordance with your country’s regulations, as advised by you.

Information for members resident in Japan
Unfortunately we are not able to send seeds to Japan due to the high cost of phytosanitary certificates.

Information for members resident in the USA
•    You must have a ‘Small Lots of Seed’ permit, which is issued by APHIS, and which allows you to import seeds into the USA.
•    Details of how to apply for a permit can be found at:
•    When you send your seed request, send an up-to-date ‘small lots’ permit and conditions and a green and yellow US Customs APHIS label for that permit.
•    Each permit and label are valid for up to 50 packets of seed, so send one permit and label for your main seed request, and one for each request of 50 packets from the surplus seed.
       Permits are valid for three years and the ones you send should be valid until at least the end of February 2022.
•    Your permit only allows seed to be sent so do not request any items with a black star ✸ in the printed list (or X in the online list), nor live material marked ♠ in the printed list (or L in the online list.
      These are not permitted and your request is likely to be held up or destroyed if we send these items. 
•    We comply with US regulations, so we will not send seed to the US without a permit.
•    You can post your permits, conditions and customs labels to Chris Parsons, Gatehouse, Lorbottle Hall, Alnwick NE66 4TD, UK or attach to an email to 
•    You may also send permits in advance with your seed donations.

The seed exchange is open for donation of seeds until 31 October 2022.

Seed ordering will be open from first thing (GMT) on %PuchasesOpenFrom% until midnight (GMT) on 07 January 2023.

Seed Donations from 2022 will be subject to new phytosanitary regulations implemented by the UK government. Please do read the detailed text on seed donations below before sending seed to the exchange.

Please send fresh clean seed as early as possible (no later than 31 October 2022) to:
Drs Ian and Carole Bainbridge, 01557 814141, Luckie Harg’s, Anwoth Road, Gatehouse of Fleet, Castle Douglas, DG7 2EF, Scotland.

Late seed can be accepted if a list has been received by post or email by 31 October 2022. The seed list will be compiled on 1st November, so late seed may not make the exchange. More details of the Seed Exchange are published in our Dryas Newsletter in July each year, issued to all of our members.

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