Stick-in Seed/Plant Labels For Sale

We have the following Plastic Stick-in labels for sale:

Small, (Any colour) (80 x 13 mm)   are 3.00 per 100.        Available
            (no price difference between the white and coloured) 

Medium, (White) (100 x 16mm)      are 3.50 per 100.       Available 
               (Coloured (100 x 16mm)  are 3.50 per 100.       Available

Large, (Only White) (120 x 20mm) are 3.50 per 100.   Available

Medium and Small labels are available in the following
colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,     Sorry, currently out of stock of Purple labels.
Please let Barry (details below) know if you would like us to re-stock them. 
Large size labels are ONLY available in white.

Postage & Packing cost is payable on top of the above prices.

Please email your order to Barry Caudwell at  and he will confirm the total cost.  Payment can then be made by bank debit/credit card.
Pick "Labels" from the dropdown box below:
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