Welcome to the SRGC 77th Seed Exchange 2023-2024

We are pleased that we can operate a seed exchange for members again over the coming winter. However, of course, this remains subject to any Covid and legal restrictions which might apply over the seed exchange period.

The seed exchange is open to receive donation of seeds until 31 October 2023.  

The online Seed ordering system will be open from first thing (GMT) on 01 December 2023 until midnight (GMT) on Friday 05 January 2024.

Glassine Seed Envelopes
These are available for purchase from Barry Caudwell (sorry, by UK members only) - phone 01828 686709 or email

Seed lists PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGES FROM December 2023
All UK-resident postal members will receive a seed list automatically by mail in late November, so please ensure your membership is renewed promptly to ensure you receive a seed list.
The seed list this year will NOT be mailed out to Overseas members or E-members, but will be available to all on our website from 21st November.  Please log in, and then look under Seed Exchange, Seed List. 

Seed ordering
We encourage all members to both order and pay using our online system to save unnecessary administration time. If you do not have access to a computer yourself (or someone to help input your order), then please contact the Seed Request Manager Chris Parsons Lorbottle Lodge, Whittingham, Alnwick, NE66 4TD, UK for assistance as early as possible and certainly before posting your order. The online request system will be live from 01 December 2023 until the closing date of Friday 05 January 2024, which is the final closing date for receipt of ALL seed orders.

To order online, please log on to the SRGC website at www.srgc.net with your email address and password. If youíve not logged in previously, or forgotten your password, you will be able to create or reset it when you try to login. If you havenít used the online portal before, please use it this year, as the system is very simple. 

Please note the restrictions regarding Surplus seed orders for members living in the EU, Australia, and Japan.  Further detailed information is available on the Seed Ordering page on the menu above.

Seed Distribution Procedure
The West of Scotland Group will manage the distribution of orders. Full details of the arrangements for ordering seed will be included in the seed list and on the website. Orders on paper are discouraged, but if necessary, they must reach the Seed Request Manager, Chris Parsons Lorbottle Lodge, Whittingham, Alnwick, NE66 4TD, UK by 05 January 2024. 

The seed distribution will begin in mid-January and all main requests will be sent out by late January. Donorsí seed requests are completed first, then non-donors' in order of their arrival date followed by surplus seed requests. This means that main and surplus requests are sent out separately and may arrive a few weeks apart. The whole distribution should be completed by the end of January. Please allow for delays in the postal system, waiting until after 18th February 2024 before enquiring about your seed. All seed correspondence, lists and queries can be sent to . We will ensure that emails reach the relevant manager. 

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